Dr. Eloise Kailin’s Ballot Statement Against Water Fluoridation

Please Vote NoMy top five reasons for opposing water fluoridation:
1.  Lack of informed consent:  Putting industrial-grade fluorosilicic acid in our water violates individuals’ right to informed consent.  Informed consent is our basic right to say what medication goes into our own bodies and those of our children.  No other medication is forced on people without their consent.
2.  Not pharmaceutical grade:  I want to drink good tasting, clean water.  The fluorosilicic acid added to our water is not pharmaceutical grade.   It is unpurified byproduct of the phosphate fertilizer industry, and is frequently contaminated by arsenic, lead, and other undisclosed chemicals.
3.  Studies indicate harm:  An increasing number of credible studies link swallowed fluoride to lowered IQ, brittle bones, digestive problems, thyroid issues, etc.  If there is any benefit to fluoride, it is by surface contact with teeth, not by swallowing.  Infants and the elderly are most vulnerable.
4.  No dose control and no monitoring of side-effects:  When doctors give medication, there is monitoring and dose control based on total product consumed.  Not so with fluoridated water.  Fluoride consumption varies widely from water, other beverages, dental products, and foods sprayed with fluoride insecticides.  Children are consuming way too much fluoride.  Individual sensitivity to all medicines varies greatly.
5.  Contamination of environment:  Over 99.5% of fluoridated water does not land on teeth.  Instead it just goes into the environment.  Plants, animals, and aquatic life are all exposed to toxic effects.  Fluorosilicic acid is “Corrosive Hazardous Waste.”  
Argument prepared by:  Eloise Kailin, M.D., Chair of Our Water Our Choice
Click the link below for Dr. Kailin’s Statement as a pdf:

Statement Against for City of Port Angeles Advisory Ballot re Fluoridation