Dr. Tom Locke Misrepresents Fluoride Monitoring to Public

Dr. Eloise Kailin recently debated Dr. Tom Locke in an event held by the Port Angeles Business Association on the City of Port Angeles’ Fluoride dosing regime. Since then Dr. Kailin has found new information to correct the record:

Dr. Tom Locke made a BIG point at the PABA “debate” that PA had installed a state of the art measuring system for adding fluoride to the water in strictly regulated doses. I followed up with a disclosure request because I had not heard of this. The City responds below. Looks like Locke was misinformed and what is worse, did not condition his presentation to reflect any uncertainty—hallmark of a salesman rather than a scientist. It is also disturbing that he has depended for his own conclusions on unreliable sources.

In the light of this, voters might like to know whether a vote in favor of fluoridation will obligate the utility department to purchase equipment to provide continuous monitoring, and effects on utility bills. State Dept of Health Office of Drinking Water engineer wanted continuous monitoring in 2006 but at that time excused the city from this expense due to fact a new water system was to be installed. So we have had over 10 years of substandard control of dosing.

Good morning, Eloise.

James Burke, Deputy Director of Public Works, has provided the following statement in response to your request for information on how the City of Port Angeles measures fluoride in the municipal water supply:

“The City monitors the dosing of fluoride through daily grab samples and a monthly split sample. Daily grab samples are taken by City Water Treatment Plant staff daily and recorded with Department of Health on the monthly water quality report. Split samples are taken monthly and reported to the Department of Health. During a spilt sample, the City Water Treatment Plant staff takes a grab sample and then compares the results with an outside certified laboratory. All results are reported to the Department of Health when the City is fluoridating its drinking water. No “continuous measuring system” device has been installed. The procedures for measuring and monitoring fluoride has not changed since its implementation.”

I believe this information satisfies the balance of your request. If I have misunderstood your request in any way, please let me know.

Thank you,