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Protect the Peninsula’s Future (PPF) is a nonprofit public benefit corporation dedicated to environmental protection, enhancing the quality of life of Washington State’s North Olympic Peninsula since 1973.

DUE TO OUR EFFORTS (often with the valuable assistance of others)…

  • Mt. Angeles, Hurricane Ridge from base of Dungeness Spit—photo: Steve Koehler

    A nuclear power plant was not sited on Miller Peninsula, as were subsequent attempts to use the same land for an off-road vehicle park and a mega housing/resort development. PPF co-led, with Save Our State Park, a successful legal action to stop Washington State from ceding to the Mitsubishi Corporation 1000 acres of dedicated State Park land.  The land, almost 3000 acres, has become Miller Peninsula State Park.

  • Two major oil port proposals were defeated.
  • John Wayne Marina was required to have a public boat launch and park. Creosote pilings in the marina must gradually be converted to nontoxic materials.
  • City of Sequim sewage is treated to the highest possible standards for beneficial uses, away from salt water and shellfish beds. (A created wetland would have cost $1.4 million according to our professional engineer, Dr. Gearhart. Sequim instead chose a $6 million conventional alternative.)
  • Mt. Olympus from High Divide—Photo: John Gussman

    After a 13 year legal battle, PPF successfully made the City of Sequim treat its sewage water to a higher standard than elsewhere for non potable uses on land, keeping most from being dumped in Sequim Bay—where previously it had all been discharged.

1) Toxic waste cleanup relating to the Rayonier pulp mill and landfills in Port Angeles

2) Opposing addition fluorosilicic acid to municipal water supplies.
3) Opposing habitat degradation of local waters.
4) Opposing the U.S. Navy buildup of electronic warfare exercises and sonar activities adjacent to or within Olympic National Park and the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary.

PPF has keen interest in many key statutes: Acts dealing with Growth Management; Public Disclosure; Shorelines of the State; Clean Water; Clean Air; Endangered Species; and the Public Trust Doctrine.

We sponsor educational programs to enhance public awareness and appreciation of the environment and local issues.

Throughout the year, the Board of Directors meet to develop and implement plans for how to best spend PPF’s human and financial resources on issues important to protecting our peninsula’s environment and quality of life. Each year, the Board also chooses to pledge some nominal financial support to other organizations pursuing environmental and quality of life concerns on behalf of our communities. For 2017, PPF will be sending contributions to support the good works of Olympic Environmental Council, Toxic-Free Future (formerly WA Toxics Coalition), Save The Olympic Peninsula (STOP), and Peninsula Area Public Access (PAPA).

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Western Hemlock seedling on nurse log, Lyre River—Photo: Sharle Osborne